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Jeremy Stevens

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Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............... [15 Dec 2007|09:52am]
Testing.....Testing...........am I crazy for doing this......testing. 
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Changes, changes, changes..... [22 Aug 2005|10:16am]
So where to start. Oh yeah, I'm leaving. I am getting the hell out of this town, away from all the bullshit, to start a new life. There is not a damn thing holding me back now. As long as I have the support of my family, that is all that matters. My wife and I are moving to Texas. It's a whole new world for me. It's a new chance at old dreams. I will try and finish my school there. Try and start my music again. I'll be right there near Houston which should have quite a scene. I look forward to checking it out. I want to sing, but I might try my hands at drumming again too. I'll be living less then 15 minutes from the beach, which is nice. The water is actually not freeing there. I'll be pretty close to New Orleans. Shoot across the gulf to Florida. Who knows, it is all new and exciting. Michele and I are talking about having a child too. That is new and exciting for me for me too. More to come.
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Hung-up much? Get over it.... [21 Aug 2005|04:25pm]
So some nasty bitch is still hung up about shit. She has quite a bit of girth on my wife, yet has the nerve to call her Moochele? Seriously, you could get over it any day now. So Shawna has been telling you shit. Oh well, nothing I can do about that. However, you might want to be a bit more careful about what secrets you let out on the internet. Her and I could probably go back and forth with those for quite a while. As her friend, you probably don't want to start that. Move on and grow up.
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I'll say it again.... [10 Aug 2005|09:15am]
You have to love the intelligence level of most of the people who bash President Bush for being a so called moron. They are typically lacking a bit themselves. Good luck finding a candidate for the Democratic Party that can hold the short attention spans of the "best and brightest" of the party long enough to actually make it to the voting booths in 2008.
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My wife's tits are bigger then yours...... [09 Aug 2005|02:08am]
So I am going to Ozzfest. I am going because we took one of her bra's down to the KRZR radio station and her boobs were bigger then all others. ;) That rocks on so many levels. She is so great for doing that. The DJ, Coyote, fit his whole head into one of the cups, and he has a huge head haha. Thank you babe, you are wonderful.

She also introduced me to the wonderful world of a foam pad and a mattress pad making our bed the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on. It is wonderful and I sleep so well on it.

She finally got her job. That makes me very happy.

She is changing her name soon, that is too cute.

We are getting our nice rings very soon. We'll always keep our silver bands, but we both want nicer rings as soon as possible.

There was some crazy domestic violence at an apartment near ours. We had to call the police.

I am working all the way into September now. That is exciting. I am still hoping to get picked up on one of the new, perm jobs. I'll also be instructing at some point in time so I won't be furloughed for a bunch of months this time.

We are making arrangements to move to Texas. I am looking for jobs there right now too.

That's enough for now.

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From good news to sad.... [02 Aug 2005|09:48am]
Michele and I are still happily married. One whole day and they said we wouldn't make it haha. On a sad note though, poor Thumper has passed from this world. It was really sad. Sneaux did not want us to take him. We shall go back to Whitie's and see if either one of the other two are still there. Bye bye baby Thumper, you were so calm and sweet and you shall be missed.

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[02 Aug 2005|12:44am]
And she shall henceforth be known as Doo Doo Flipperfoot. Michele commands it and it must be so.
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So excited....... [01 Aug 2005|06:52pm]
So last night Michele and I were talking. We were talking about how we did want to get married at some point. Some point soon. How soon? As soon as we are ready. When was that? When we could afford rings and two ceremonies and traveling between the two ceremonies. So it is just about money? Yeah it seems that way. Can't we do that all later and get married now? We could, yeah why couldn't we. What is the process? Is there a waiting period? Blood tests? No and no. We called the County Clerks office and got all the info. We went down there, we got our license, and we got ready for the ceremony. Most of my immediate family joined us. We will be having bigger ceremonies. One possibly at the end of the year here in California and one soon after in Texas. So yeah, we are married. It is very exciting.

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Too busy for the internet.... [31 Jul 2005|06:54pm]
Yes, it is true, what was once my life is now an afterthought. Not much of a loss if you ask me. Home life is good. Michele is good to me. We have new additions to our family. We are now the proud parents of a Poodle named Pid (she has been with us since the beginning), a kitty named Remington (brought him back from Texas with us), two small mice named Minnie and Bianca (we just wanted some mice), and now two rabbits named Thumper and Sneaux (who we saved from the bellies of snakes. We got our own little farm house here. We both want more, but not until we have a bigger place. I want a ferret and a Rottweiler. She wants gerbils and birds. We will have a bunch of animals I am sure, our own zoo. When we have room that is.

The job world is good. I work until the 12th or the 19th or something like that. Unemployment will be high because of all the overtime I worked, but I don't know if I can settle on that. If I can find a job making more, I need to. Anyone know any jobs that pay at least $2000 a month haha. I am looking for jobs everywhere, even Texas. I wanted to wait, but I don't really need to. If I find a good job there, I'll have to break my rental agreement and move. Not too big of a deal, they already have that fee in the deposit I gave them, so I won't need to come up with anymore.

So far Michele has met my family except for my brother Jacob and his family and Josh and his. It went really well. They like her a lot. Hopefully we'll meet up with Jacob soon. He just moved into a new place too and has been busy. We probably won't see Josh until December when he comes out for my mom's wedding. Yeah, my mom is finally getting remarried. I am happy for her. Rick is a good guy and they have a good life going for them.

The apartment is cool. A little lacking in some areas like security and service. The office is full of morons. The place is beautiful though, the apartment is nice and big for a one bedroom. I like that we have a garage, too bad they still havn't gotten our garage door opener fixed. Might not have had some of the problems we have had if we had been using it.

Okay, enough for now.

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All about her....... [02 Jul 2005|01:25am]
I'm all about her. She is so great. I am so in love. Everything I have been doing is so worth it because of her. All the apartment hunting, job searching, travel planning, life planning. It's all so wonderful for me. I wanted to fly. I missed the boat on the deal of a lifetime, so I am busing it. 40 hours straight of busing it. It is worth it. I promise babe. Then we drive back again, but together. I love her. She is coming here to be with me. I am so lucky.
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It's been a while..... [25 Jun 2005|04:09am]
So, my trip to Texas was amazing. I am going to have to agree with Michele. That was the best sex ever. I love her so much. We fell in love while I was there. I told her at this park at night near a big monument with a big reflective pool. It was nice. She makes me so happy. She is moving here. I am so excited. I am getting a new apartment for it, we will be so happy.
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Bwahahahahahaha............... [07 Jun 2005|10:08am]
Shawna is right, I laugh at this everytime haha.

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Things of the morning... [06 Jun 2005|09:22am]
I'm sitting here babysitting Caitlyn, and thinking of Michele of course. But yeah, she isn't much of a baby to be calling it baby sitting. She is a very mature, intelligent 5 year old. We made a Neopets puzzle. It was fun. I'll be getting some pizza later as my babysitting pay off haha. I am being Shawna, sitting at her computer, listening to her music, watching her daughter. Does that mean I need to put some pics? I think it does haha.

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What is going on? [30 May 2005|10:35pm]
So I was out and about yesterday. I was in a parking lot. A car was ahead of me. It stops. It starts backing up. Before I can do anything, it hits me. Super. So I have to follow him around the parking lot because he doesn't stop right away. He finally parks. I park, get out, check my car which only had a cracked license plate holder, and then walk up to his car. He asked me what I wanted, so I reminded him he hit my car. He tried to act dumb about it like he didn't know or think he hit it. I was going to be cool about it, but after that, I decided to shake him down for $20 haha. He tried to talk me down to $5, which I told him no way. He then said $10, which I said would be okay. His wife then gives me a $20, at which point I told him I don't make change haha. I walked off with $20. Good times.

Shawna and I are going head to head. She needs to lose 35 lbs and I need to lose 100 lbs. She is kicking my ass at seven pounds already lost to my zero. I better step it up haha. I will have to buy her an outfit if I lose. When went grocery shopping today to try and help out. We'll see.

Shawna and I are also throwing a birthday party for a friend of ours. It'll be really simple. Just kind of a hang out with some food, drink, and friends. Probably not too many people, but we shall see. Anyone want to go?

Flower is a kick ass dog that does twirls. As you can tell, Shawna is giving her two cents on what should be in this journal haha.

Lately, Shawna has been remembering even more horrible things that happened to her as a child then she already knew about. It is some fucked up stuff and I have been trying to be there for her. Wish her well in dealing with these and working through these issues.

There was a stray dog walking in the road yesterday. Shawna thought I almost hit it, but I didn't haha. She tried to get out and get it out of the road, but it just barked at her. It had other plans. We saw it again later running back the other way. It must have been done.

I want a woodie..........PT Cruiser that is.

I am talking to Michele now. Take care everyone.

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An e-mail to Shawna's mom.... [30 May 2005|07:10pm]
I know some of you won't understand some of what is going on here, so if you need any explanations feel free to ask.

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Sometimes.... [30 May 2005|01:34am]
Sometimes life just kicks me right in the balls. I think I am going to be sick. Goodtimes.
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A question.... [28 May 2005|05:29pm]
What is wrong with me? This is not rhetorical.
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I don't know how I'm awake....... [27 May 2005|10:41am]
So I was up until after 5 AM. I still woke up at 10 AM. Which is good. I needed to get up today. I was supposed to go to Fresno City College to get a transcript. I only needed it to learn how many credits I have earned over the years to put on my application at work. Instead I found that information online. One less thing to do today, which is good. Oh, 87 credits by the way. Yes, 87 freaking credits and still no degree. To get a general studies AA I only need two PE Classes (haha, freaking PE), a government class, and a computer competency class. I love governmnet, but every time I try to take it life doesn't seem to leave me enough time for it. As for computer competency, the only reason I don't just take the test is I forgot everything about spreadsheets. After all the time I spent learning the damn things in my marketing class in high school, I forget. So stupid. So yeah, four classes for an AA. What the hell am I waiting for?

Moving right along. I have to be in court around 1 PM. I think the doors open at 1:30 PM. With all the traffic tickets I have gotten over the years, I have never gone to court over one. I'm nervous, but I might be saving myself $285.00 and if nothing else, being a pain in that lying cops side is reward enough.

I will also be finishing up my application at work. I did most of it yesterday, so it shouldn't take long. I just need to add a little bit of info, print up 10 slightly different copies, and mail them where they need to go.

I want to go see some bands, including my friend's, tonight. We'll see though. I might even go alone to this one.

I need to clean at some point in time today as well. Oh, and do laundry.

Michele and I had a thing last night. It sucked, but we seem to be okay now. I miss you babe, and I can't wait for the trip. Take care.

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TGIF and not SHIT [26 May 2005|12:38pm]
Yeah, I know it is only Thursday, but I have a four day weekend. So it is my Friday. That rocks. I got so much work done yesterday. It was great. Now I can focus on taking care of all the odds and ends today as opposed to be productive. I like that. We also have our meeting today, I think. I need to have a sit down with my manager's manager. I am having issues with someone else in the unit. Actually the whole unit is having issues with her. Someone needs to speak up. It'll be me. She never does her work. She always complains. She is never at her desk. She always uses vulgar language. She is rude to taxpayers. All in all, she really brings the spirits of the unit down. Last night I was left in charge and she just walked out before I dismissed the unit. That was complete disrespect right there. Anyways, so today I'll talk with the manager and hopefully something will be done. It needs to be. So yeah, hopefully this time off kicks ass, I need it.
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An update? Surpirse surprise, surprise. [25 May 2005|12:56pm]
The trip to Texas is finalized. I got the ticket. $300. Not bad. I was a little worried about the hotel costs for a ten day trip, but that has eased up. Michele's mom is going to give me two free nights at a hotel that she has. Also, another few nights should be taken care of. That is a savings of like $200 to $300. That is good stuff. I also might be able to come up on some other discounts for the remaining six nights. We have a lot of different activities kind of planned which should be fun. Including trips to the beach, boardwalk, a couple different restaurants, maybe the zoo and a couple of other possibilities. I am so looking forward to the whole thing on so many levels. Just a little over two more weeks babe.

I have about $1400 sitting in front of me right now. Although it is really nice to have it, it has to go away. The tough choice is to decide which thing to pay. Should I clear up a bill in it's entirety, never to see it again? Should I pay a bill a couple months in advance to start on my way to paying all my bills through the end of the year? Which should I do, that car payment or the car insurance? All the tough questions haha. Just as long as I don't spend it on crap, I'll be happy.

It turns out that the difference between working 8 hours of overtime and 20 hours of over time is only like $170. Taxes kill you when you work that much haha. Oh well, it'll boost my unemployment if I get furloughed and the refund at the end of the year will just be that much fatter. Good times. Now lets see what it looks like with 28 hours of overtime and an additional bonus of about $400. That will be nice.

Speaking of furloughed, there is absolutely no talk of it yet. Which is kind of surprising. There has been talk about it the last two years well before now. I was talking to my manager and said that I wouldn't be getting my promotion until September, and she said I would most likely be working that long. Which would be at least a month longer then last year. Exciting.

Anyways, gotta go to work. More to come later.

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